Game Breeding

Tsa Naga Game Ranch has the intension to set up a game breeding structure to accommodate rare and endangered game species in a semi-intensive breeding camp system. The plan is to establish a game breeding project at one of the farms owned by Tsa Naga based at Nietverdiend just outside Zeerust on the R49 Road to Botswana. This farm is 80km North of Zeerust.

Funding is required to start the first breeding programme with rare game species such as disease-free buffalo, Sable, Gold Widebeest, Black Impala and White Rhino at this 500 hectare farm. The excess trophy animals in the breeding project will be relocated to the Tsa Naga game hunting ranch where they will be released to roam free in the wilderness.

Our long term vision of this project is to see Tsa Naga competing on an International commercial market of the Gaming industry and to also produce exceptional breeding herds and trophy animals that will reflect the diversity of the African animal kingdom. We wish to contribute towards the economy of the country where there is a great need to financially empower our people and new business opportunities which will create more jobs.