About us

Tsa Naga Game Ranch is a family friendly, 23 bed chalets, private game ranch situated just outside Zeerust in the Modiri Molema District of the North West Province. It’s a 100% black owned Game Ranch with skilled personnel and many years of experience in the industry.

The ranch covers 1000 hactares of land and is home to most antelopes including Eland, Kudu, springbok, impala as well as Zebras in a breath-taking landscape. Zeerust area is malaria free which makes it perfect bush destination for those travelling with kids. Tsa Naga Game Ranch offers a safe safari with true African hospitality and professional service. We guarantee that every hunter and visitor will have an unforgettable experience and that you will arrive as guests and leave as friends. The sheer enjoyment of unspoilt nature and refreshing air will leave you relaxed and energised for your return to civilization

Tsa Naga Game Ranch is managed within the relevant laws, rules and regulations applicable to the wildlife industry and thus we aim to conserve, manage and utilize fauna and flora in such a way that we will leave a Legacy for our future generations.